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About Us

Welcome to K-9 Health Solutions. With literally thousands of choices for dog products on the web these days I think it’s important to know a little about the company from which you plan to buy. My name is Jeff Button and I, along with my wife Joanna own K-9 Health Solutions.

The story of how this business was started is really rather unique. I was working at the Pentagon Police Department as a Bomb Dog Handler and my assigned K-9, Rakker (you may recognize the name from our blog “Ask Rakker”) had developed some severe digestive issues and was also shedding like crazy. Rolling down the windows of the police cruiser meant a virtual snow storm of dog hair and the digestive problem usually resulted in cleaning up vomit 2-3 times per week. We tried everything our vet could prescribe as well as everything my fellow handlers could come up with to try and ease some of the problems Rakker was experiencing...nothing worked. One of my coworkers mentioned a product called Dinovite and suggested I look it up online. I read all the information and felt it was probably too good to be true but decided to give it a try for Rakker’s sake. Within about a month the vomiting had stopped, the shedding was back to normal "dog shedding" and my 8 year old Rakker was once again acting like a puppy.

I went back to the company to buy my second container of Dinovite when I noticed they were accepting applications for wholesalers of their supplement. I registered, was accepted, and began buying small amounts to sell to my fellow dog handlers and eventually put some on ebay.

That was March 2007, and we have since expanded our store to include approximately 200 products for dogs and we continue to add new products on a regular basis. I resigned my position as a Police K-9 Handler to take on our business fulltime and my old partner Rakker was granted retirement and lives with us today. He still gets his daily dose of Dinovite and has become my subject matter expert with any new toy or treat I intend to add to our line.

We value our customers and try our best to provide great customer service. Our prices are not always the lowest out there, but if you buy from us you can be sure you are getting a quality product from a regular dog owner just like yourselves. Thank you for stopping by and if you ever have a question drop us a line or if you would prefer, click into our blog and “Ask Rakker".


Jeff & Joanna Button

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