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Dinovite 90 Day Money
Back Guarantee

We here at K-9 Health Solutions are so confident your dog will have success with Dinovite, we offer a money-back guarantee. This is NOT your typical “Return it to us within 30 days” refund policy.

We want your dog to have every opportunity to benefit from this great supplement, so we invite you to try Dinovite for a full 90 days. There's no reason to hurry on returning because we'll issue refunds for up to 180 days from your purchase date.

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Dinovite For Large Breed Puppies & LICKOCHOPS Combo

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Product Description

Includes One Box of Dinovite for Large Breed Puppies & TWO Bottles of Lickochops
Dinovite for puppies is designed to start your puppy off on the right paw. It is a daily supplement that supports your pup as they grow, providing vitamins and minerals they need as they grow. Dinovite for puppies supports a strong immune system, digestive tract, skin and coat.
Dinovite For Puppies
(90 Day Supply For A Large Breed Puppy )  
Net Wt. 5 Pounds 4.64 Ounces (2400 Gm)
Delicate Nutrients
The delicate nutrients, amino & fatty acids and zinc in Dinovite® helps support good skin and shiny coat. As you know, a coarse brittle coat, excessive shedding and itchy skin are common signs of nutritional deficiencies. Things like zinc responsive dermatitis or a fatty acid deficiency show these signs.

 Supports pet digestion and immune health with our Probiotic Complex.

 Helps support good skin and shiny coat.

 Helps promote a healthy immune system.

 Proudly Made in Kentucky with USA ingredients.

Large Breed Puppies:
Each scoop contains enough supplement to fortify 1 cup of puppy food each day. There are 90 servings in each box.
Special Note:
Some small breed dogs may fall into the medium category because of their larger size and weight. If your dog is large for his breed, overweight or is in-between small and medium then purchase the 90 day supply for a "Medium Dog". You will see better results feeding a "little more" than "not enough".


Your dog and cat are going to LOVE LickOchops, not only does it taste great, it's good for them too!! LickOchops is an excellent source of Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids and also contains a natural source of vitamin E. Fatty acids and vitamin E play an important role in supporting your dog and cats skin function and immune system.

Do you have a finicky dog or cat??? No problem, just pour a little LickOchops on the food, mix the Dinovite Powder in and watch them gobble it up!!

Feeding Instructions:
We recommend mixing a little LickOchops with your pet's food, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per cup of food.     

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Fat - Minimum 97%
Moisture - Maximum 1%

Vitamin E - Minimum 30 IU/tsp
*Omega 3 Fatty Acids ...Minimum ...3%
*Omega 6 Fatty Acids ...Minimum ...12%

*Not Recognized as an Essential Nutrient by the AFFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.*

Lickochops TM Contains All Natural Ingredients: Chicken fat, fish oil, vitamin E supplement (natural source of vitamin E), mixed tocopherols (used as a preservative)

***This product is manufactured in Kentucky and all ingredients are from the USA.