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12 Dog Hacks to Make Everyday Easier

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Having a pup around the house can be great for the soul - but not so much for your stress level. Try these hacks to make your everyday easier:

Pet Hair

- Use a shower squeegee on carpets to remove pet hair quickly and easily, no need for a vacuum.

- Put on a pair of damp rubber kitchen or latex gloves and use to pick up hair off furniture in a snap.

- Gently rub a dryer sheet on furniture and other surfaces – it will attract the shed pet hair, making clean up a breeze.


- Does your pup eat too fast? Slow him down by putting a tennis ball in his food dish.

- Another tip for dogs who can’t slow down – spread food into each compartment of a muffin tin!

- Parsley isn’t just for people. Sprinkle it into your pet’s food to freshen their puppy breath.

- Picky eater? Try mixing a little LickOchops with your pet's food.


- Whether you’re looking for something cool on a hot day, or just need something that will take your pup some time to eat, chicken broth frozen in ice cube trays does the trick every time.

- Share a dinner time favorite with your pup by making sweet potato chews. Slice potatoes in quarter inch slices, line pan with parchment and bake for 3 hours at 250° (make sure you flip mid-way through!).

Skin Care

- Protect you pup’s paws from ice and snow by lightly coating their pads with Vaseline. This will prevent chapping and cracking.

- If your dog suffers from allergies, prevent them from licking their paws raw with a pair of your socks! Chose a pair with grips and use vet tape to secure.

- Fleas and ticks can rear their heads at any time of year. Combine 1-part Dawn Dish Detergent with 1-part vinegar and 4-parts water to create a simple solution, or even easier, try our all-natural flea and tick repellents.

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