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Ask an Expert: Why Does My Dog Shed in The Fall?

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Every month our inbox is filled with questions from pet owners about everything from diet and exercise to strange symptoms and behaviors. To help better serve our animal loving community we thought we’d share with you our answers! Have a question of your own? Email us!

Most people tend to think of Spring as prime “shedding season” when, in fact, it is quite common for many breeds to shed just as heavily in the fall. During the Spring months dogs will shed their heavy coats for a lighter, shorter coat to adapt to the weather heating up. The reverse happens during the Fall months; dogs will shed their light coat for a thicker, more protective coat that can withstand winter temperatures. This coat is often referred to as a “double coat”, a combination of a soft, dense undercoat and a stiff protective overcoat.

To combat dust bunnies around the house, implement a grooming routine that includes brushing several times a week. Regular baths (we recommend Dogosuds!) can also help with shedding and will help avoid matted fur.

Shedding is normal as seasons change but heavy shedding could be a sign of something more serious. Skin allergies and poor nutrition can trigger unwanted shedding. We recommend visiting your veterinarian if you view your dog’s shedding as irregular or excessive.  

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