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Help Your Pup Beat The Heat!

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Dogs love summer as much as we do! Be sure to protect your dog from the summer rays by following the tips listed below:

- Avoid Peak Hours. Choose early morning or evening when taking your dog out for exercise and play. You’ll get more out of your time spent outdoors if you avoid peak hours in the sun. Make sure to avoid walking your dog on hot pavement or sand, which could potentially burn paws and/or overheat them if hot enough.

- Find A Shady Spot. As the weather gets warmer, we want to let our dogs outside to run and enjoy the weather. Make sure you have a cool, shady spot for your pup to relax. Many may think that a dog house is a good way to provide shade, but in the summer, it is the exact opposite. Dog houses trap heat and create a much warmer environment then intended.

- Make a Splash. Help beat the heat by providing lots of water for your pup to drink and let him take a dip in the pool to cool off, even if it’s just a small baby pool on your patio.

- Stay Out of the Car. Do not leave your dog in the car. Your dog is more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion in your car than anywhere else. Temperatures inside can reach up to 160 degrees when parked in the sun, and that’s on a “cooler” day of around 78 degrees!

- Get Groomed. Make sure your dog is well groomed. Brush them often to remove shed hair and keep them trimmed appropriately.

- Use Sunscreen. Just like people, dogs need to be protected from the sun. Protect their noses and use sunscreen on other exposed skin or places with thin or light-colored hair. Check with your veterinarian to make sure you choose the right sunscreen for your dog.

When in doubt, the best thing you can do for your dog during summer heat is to keep him indoors until the temperature lowers.

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