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Spring Cleaning Your Pup

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It’s that time of year again! The weather gets warmer, the days get longer, it's time for spring cleaning. We repair the gutters, wipe away the cobwebs, clean the dog… clean the dog? Yes, you read that right. Grooming your pup is very important as we transition into warmer weather.

Most dogs have what is known as a double coat. There is the top coat, the part that we see which protects them from the elements, and the under coat which is softer and serves as insulation. This undercoat grows thicker in the fall to combat the elements through the winter months. While dogs do shed year-round, they tend to shed more heavily during the spring, shirking off that heavy undercoat for a lighter one.

To help keep those dust bunnies at bay, start with a bath. Shampooing won’t remove all of the excess hair, but it will help remove dead skins cells and allergens that could otherwise contribute to itching and scratching. When choosing a shampoo, make sure you pick one that is made especially for dogs. Shampoos and soaps for humans can be drying for a dog, especially those with heavy fragrances. We recommend using Dogosuds, an all-natural shampoo made from 100% pure therapeutic grade oils that has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Next – Brush! Brushing your dog several times a week not only creates bonding time, but it also helps remove the shedding undercoat and prevents matting as hair loosens and gets caught in the remaining coat. Try gently brushing against the way the hair grows to remove the loose undercoat, then with the hair to smooth. If this irritates your dog, or their coat is too wiry, just brush as you normally would. We recommend brushing in short sessions to prevent boredom and a dislike for grooming. Increase the amount of times you brush per week as your pup gets used to it. If you come across a large tangle or mat that you can’t gently remove yourself, it’s time to visit the groomer.

Don’t forget to wash all bedding and leashes monthly. This will prevent your pup from coming back in contact with the dirt and bacteria you just removed.

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