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Dinovite Powder vs. Dinovite Liquid

The powder supplement is made from all plant proteins, so there are no animal proteins included.  The ingredients are ground and mixed together and looks about the same as course black pepper and has a sort of earthy smell.  Our liquid supplement contains many of the same ingredients (the amounts may differ slightly) as the powder but also includes fish and chicken proteins.  Our liquid is similar to a really thick spaghetti sauce and because of the fish oils will have a little bit of a fishy smell.

Both are great supplements and I think either would be a fine choice for your pup.  In terms of how fast the supplement works, there is no real time line for either supplement.  Many factors play a part in how long it will take for you to begin seeing positive results like the issue itself, how long the issue has existed and the severity of the issue.  In most general cases we usually begin to see signs of improvement around the 1 1/2 - 2 month mark.  Some a little sooner and some a little longer again depending on the issues.
If you wanted to go with our powder supplement I would recommend our Dinovite Medium powder along with a few tubes of our LickOchops or SuprOmega liquids.  This would make for a great supplement combination and would be about a 90 day supply.  If you wanted to try our Liquid supplement I would suggest our Dinovite Liquid 3 pack.  This too should be about a 90 day supply.

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