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Dinovite Reviews

Dogs and their owners agree, Dinovite works!

All of us at K9HealthSolutions want the best for your dog, and we know how much you care about your pooch. Keep your dog looking and feeling great with Dinovite dog supplements. Dinovite is composed of important nutrients important for all dogs. But don't take our word for it - check out our Dinovite reviews to hear what other dog owners have to say about using Dinovite dog supplements and DogOSuds dog shampoo!

We know dinovite works, we are offering all of our customers a 90 day money back return policy. If, after using the recommended daily amount of Dinovite for 90 days, you aren’t satisfied with the results, simply return the unused portion or the empty container to us, and we will refund the cost of the product less shipping charges. It’s that simple!

Dinovite reviews, hear what our customers have to say!

Dinovite is our savior. We have a shitzu and he has horrible skin problems(so we thought). We tried many expensive shampoos, different types of food and nothing seemed to change his problems. He would literally chew his back until it was bleeding and had patches of hair missing. Our groomer was to the point where he didn't want to touch our dog anymore because he was in such pain. Then I read about Dinovite and our dog had many of the same problems listed. I never thought it could be from a nutritional deficiency. We started him on it and within 2 days he was able to sleep again and the chewing completely stopped. His skin and hair were so discolored and he smelled so badly from the bleeding, now he is a beautiful white dog again. This is one amazing product. I have an extra container of it in the cupboard because I do not want to run out. Thank you so much K9 Health Solutions for bringing back my puppy!!

Jamie P.

We absolutely love Dinovite! Our dog used to shed like crazy, more than the average dog sheds. We started him on Dinovite and noticed an immediate difference. We used the whole container and then ran out for a few weeks and his shedding got really bad again, so we started him back on Dinovite... and will make sure we never run out again!! It's a great product, definitely worth it! Thanks

Alyson H.

Great product! Our dog has improved 100%! Product is delivered within two days after ordering. Couldn't ask for more from a supplier.

Hi Jeff: I started my black lab Rooster on Dinovite May 28th and I'm writing to let you know that already there has been a HUGE improvement in his coat condition plus the scratching has pretty much subsided. As I told you Rooster had a terrible reaction to his 2nd rabies shot and within about 3 weeks his coat began to lose its luster, the shedding was very pronounced and he was scratching continuously. He began to develop large bare patches of skin which became irritated from him licking them. To sum it up, he was miserable and it was obvious he wasn't feeling all that well. I was told he would need to take prednisone for a lengthy period of time but knowing all too well what the side effects of this medication can do, it was something I did not want for my dog. I am convinced that the reaction to the rabies vaccine had affected Rooster's immune system so I began my search for a product that could help him. I spent a lot of money and time trying to find something that would work for him but I was unsuccessful until someone mentioned Dinovite. I must admit I was a bit skeptical since I had pretty much tried every supplement out there but I am here to tell you that your product has done a fabulous job in bringing Rooster back to the vibrant and wonderful dog he is is definitely a great product and I don't say that lightly.......the proof is in the dog!!!!! I couldn't be happier and I'm sure Rooster would echo my words if he could talk.


Not only is this a great merchant, but their product is INCREDIBLE! If you own a dog, you MUST have this product! It literally saved my dog! At 9 years old, he seemed more like 15, but after their product and 3 weeks later, he was looking and acting like he was 5!!


My dog Oso and I thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! After 3 years of trying various, lotions, shampoos and whatever else I could think of to help my dog stop itching and losing fur and stinking and ....well, you got the picture. Oso has been on Dinovite (as well as a new German Shepard pup) for the last couple of months. His fur is growing back in and is soft and shiny, no stink, he's got energy and just seems happier (and so are we). I guess the real test will come this fall/winter when every year the "fallout" begins. If he keeps his fur we will know for sure that this is next to a "miracle" product. All we are dealing with now is a little doggie dandruff, but we are ordering some of your shampoo to see how that does. Thanks again. Our dog is beginning to look like the beautiful dog he once was!

Carol and Ken

Jeff.  Thank you for asking about my girl.  Your product has helped her greatly!!  She still itches but with her disease that is to be expected but it's not nearly as much as she was and the awful odor that used to surround her is totally gone and her fur has never, ever looked better.  I've tried mixing her Dinovite with several things but her favorite is yogurt so that's what I go with for the most part.  Whatever  makes Stormy happy makes her Momma happy!  I still give her the oral  medication for the demodex but she has not had an outbreak since I started her on Dinovite so I truly feel that it is helping her all around. Thank you so much for checking on her and yes I will continue to use Dinovite!  
Thanks Again!

Patrice & Stormy Sue

Dear Mr. Button-  My family and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you and your company.  We have a six year old Scottish Terrier by the name of "Molly". Molly is the sweetest dog, and we cannot understand why, as almost from the beginning she has suffered from rashes on her tummy, hot spots, flaking skin and other similiar maladies. She has literally scratched and gnawed on herself until she has bled and/or removed fur. She would rub her face on baskets, concrete, or other hard sufaces in a futile attempt to dislodge her tormentors. She seldom ever got a night of rest, and slept only sporadically at any given time. We tried expensive shampoos, cortisone cremes, and special foods recommended by her vet. Nothing worked, and the poor dog was wearing down. The skin irritations, her constant scratching caused, resulted in the most foul of odors. We were at a loss as how to help her, and were basically told there was nothing that could be done. 

One day John( one of Molly's people) was in traffic and heard an ad about your product, unfortunately there was no place in Austin, Texas to pull over at the moment.   A few weeks later he heard it again and brought home the information. We were skeptical, to say the least, but we were also desperate to help Molly. I wish I had before and after pictures that did her prior condition justice, but I would not allow a camera near her at her worst of times. Today Molly plays like a happy dog again. She seldom ever scratches and the gnawing is completely gone.  Her fur has a shine for the first time in her life. I tout this as a miracle powder to anyone that will listen to  me.  We are so grateful, and so is Ms. Molly Bee.     Sincerely, Jeanie and the rest of Molly's pack   Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The dogs are doing great on this product.  The oldest one has much more energy and less stomach problems for the younger one.  We would like to please order another 1 Gal. Pail of Dinovite ($49.99).


When we started the Dinovite Bandit was moving extremely slowly.  He has always slept in our basement (on the couch) and every morning when I would look downstairs and call him he would just stand there and look up at me.  After much coaxing and telling him he was way too big for me to carry up, he would walk up, one stair at a time.  You know what I mean - he would put one foot on the stair and then the other front foot on the same stair - like a little old man - and it took forever.  AND he was on 150mg of Rimadyl/day.  Now, after a few months of Dinovite he runs up the stairs, and I've cut the Rimadyl down to 50mg/day.  He also used to sleep most of the time and he just looked sad!  You could tell that he didn't feel well!  Sometimes he would just be walking across the room and would suddenly yelp like he was in pain, then start limping.  He did that a lot.  That hasn't happened in about 3 months.  The other thing is that he has had an ear problem most of his life.  Digging and scratching at his ears.  We've used numerous different medications from the vet and over the counter (which he hated, and it was always a fight to get them in his ears) - now, no ear problems!  All in all, I think Dinovite is a miracle product!


I have three Jack Russells. One is a picky eater. I dont add anything but a little chicken broth to their food and they all lick their bowls clean.We have only been doing dinovite for three weeks, but we are beginning to see results in their coats and their overall demeanor. I have passed this product information on to my dog owner friends.

Just wanted to let you know that my Dalmatian, Daisy is showing significant improvement after using your product.  I originally ordered the smallest container and have just ordered the gallon size.  You have a great product and I will highly recommend to others.
Thanks much!


Our dog is a rescue dog. She stresses very easily from what we
 belive to be years of abuse and/or neglect. This causes her to blow coat. She sheds heavily on her best days but blowing coat means it comes out in chunks. Dog hair has become an overwhelming problem. I have heard ads for this product and decided to give it a try. After barely a week we are seeing a great deal of improvement in the shedding. I expect after a month she will doing even better. Great product for pets with shedding problems!


I recently ordered Dinovite for my Bischon and she has improved on the licking greatly.  Thanks.


Hi. Just wanted to let you know you have yet another satisfied customer.
Our thirteen year old beagle-birdog mix, Freckles,  has had terrible problems every fall for the last ten years with that caused her to itch and scratch and bite herself until her fur was gone and she bled. These symptoms and this behavior would continue from the middle of August until maybe early December when our Indiana winter kicked in and we got a hard freeze. Only then would she would slowly begin to show improvement.

When I heard your product advertised ( I think it was during the Rush Limbaugh show ) on WSBT radio, I was a bit skeptical. The two things that made me take a chance were of course the money-back guarantee, but also the symptoms described were exactly what Freckles was experiencing. You hit it square on the head.

I am thrilled to report that this has been Freckles most relaxed fall in at least ten years. She had already started her scratching before we ordered the Dinovite, but within a couple of weeks she was feeling fine. Amazing!

I didn't think we would need any more until next fall, but we finished up our first order a couple of weeks ago, and she started itching a little, and started shedding just an incredible amount. We just placed a second order, and it is money well spent.

I don't usually buy things advertised to work miracles, but in this case I am very glad I did, because your product really does work. It may not quite rank as a miracle, but is just this side of amazing.

I also do not usually write to companies to express my complete satisfaction, but I guess sometimes a consumer can actually find satisfaction.

Keep up the good work and thanks!

John and Kim

My Boston Terrier licked his paws all the time and it drove us nuts.  We decided to try dinovite and the paw licking has been reduced but what is fascinating is his other results.  All and we're still on the first jar.  Amazing...thank you so much

Thank You, Thank You!

About two months ago I heard of your product on the radio and I decided to try it out of despair for our German Shepherd.  We adopted Fred from a rescue mission in 2001.  He was full grown, long haired German Shepherd, but he was a sad sight.  All of his fur was matted, and he was just skin and bones weighing at a sickening 42lbs!  We took him home and started to spoil him and he has became a loyal family member.  He was with us when I went into labor, detracted an intruder, wonderful baby sitter and a true friend.

When I received your product on a Monday and by the end of the week Fred was making an effort to get up and eat, which he hadn't done in a year!  We then went and took him to the groomers to get his coat shaved down above his under coat to let his skin breathe better.  It has been two months now and we are starting to see our old Fred back!  We feed him canned food, because his teeth hurts with the hard food, but he has put on 20lbs, his coat is growing in lush and full!  He looks forward to our walks everyday, and he has even shown interest in chasing Squirrels again!  He is now carrying his food bowl around and loves to play catch with his favorite ball, which he hasn't touched in a year!

Once again, Thank You for the wonderful product that has brought our beloved Fred back to us.  With results like this, this product will be on our must have list and you have a loyal customer for a long time!  We will be giving this product to our new pup for a companion for Fred this winter.


I have great hope for Dinovite. It's been 5 days. She eats twice a day and for the last few months would not even touch her food, which is highly unlike her, but since adding the dinovite and water to her food she eats it right up. When I stopped her z/d ultra and started her on lamb and brown rice, over months her problems escalated. I'm slowly introducing the Hill's z/d back into her diet as I feel she certainly is worth it. Now my little Italian Greyhound, Isabella who is very finicky, with no skin problems won't eat her food unless I put a little dinovite in it. So far so good.


Buster has already shown improvement, his skin is less red and he has been itching less.


One of the dogs my daughter rescued was the sickest animal I have ever seen! The first time I saw Brindle, I didn't think she had long to live. She was so thin and feeble, and had multiple sores all over her body, particularly her ears. Most of her hair had fallen out and she had no desire to get up. After many vet visits, multiple tests, etc, it was decided she had thyroid disease among other problems. My daughter spent many long hours on the computer searching for anything that would help. She discovered Dinovite on one of the web sites and decided to give it a try. Dinovite plus thyroid medication has made Brindle a completely different dog. At first, we had to hand feed her because she had no energy to eat. Now, she is energetic, has strength to interact with people and other dogs, and actually plays! Watching her is a true miracle. Previously she was so grouchy but now has become a true pleasure to be around.


I just wanted you to know that my Australian shepherd went from smelling like puke (literally) to smelling like a puppy in just two weeks. We were at the end of our rope as to what to do for Barker. What a great product!! Thanks, Sam

The dogs have been eating the stated amount of Dinovite since the first week of August, and although there is still some scratching and biting, it has dramatically decreased. DRAMATICALLY. For the past two years, Wimzie's hind legs and bottom have been denuded of hair by this time in August, yet her her little rear is still furry. Hershey has completely stopped rolling on the floors, trying in vain to scratch his poor back. There is still some scratching and biting, but after not-quite-three weeks, there has been an amazing improvement.

The Dinovite seems to be working. I am cautiously ecstatic. Wimzie's eyes are still bright and she has energy and an appetite and she obviously isn't suffering from her "summer complaint" as much as she has in the past. And as an added bonus, her breath isn't bad anymore. And considering that her pre-Dinovite breath could fell an ox at thirty paces, that is kind of a big deal.

I think I may be onto a good thing.


We've been using it for over 3 years without a single problem. My mutts took to the switch the way all dogs take to diet change...not very well at first...but I just followed the instructions they sent with the product and after about a week, they were eating with their same vigor. In fact my dogs, my sister's dog, my mom's dog, nephew's and niece's dogs all are on dinovite. Did you try their carnoyum product, that's what my nephew uses for his dog.

As for a green coating on the bowl...there's never anything left after my dogs are done.

I'm a believer in the results I've seen with my eyes not the commercials. They have never been this full of energy or looked this good!

I have used many dinovite products for years. I breed and train dogs and all my puppies are started on Dinovite in the first meal. And, the mom's are on it all the time, while pregnant or nursing. I have tried MANY products over the years and when I find one I really like, I stick with it.

I am a believer in their products. I even give the small jars of Dinovite to the people who get my pups because I want them to get the best start in life.

I'd give it a try. They have a money back guarantee. And try the Lickochops - my dogs LOVE IT!


We have been using Dinovite for over a month and noticed a dramatic improvement. No more scratching paws and ears, softer coat, stool seem normal too. I give him 3 spoons in the morning and 3 in the evening (I may reduce amount down to 2 spoons each time) I mix it with Iams; I add some water to improve mixing it and steer for about 3-4 minutes. we have a 4 years old German Sheppard, just over 90 pounds.


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