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Feeding Tips

Dinovite Powder Feeding Instructions:  Each box contains a scoop that is sized for dogs that fall within a certain size range. Give one scoop of supplement per day. If you feed twice a day you can give half a scoop in the morning and the other half at the nighttime feeding.

To use Dinovite we recommend mixing a little water with the food so that the Dinovite will stick to the food. The water will also activate the digestive enzymes and this will aid digestion. If your dog does not like water in his food you could mix a teaspoon of canola oil, broth or your own personal blend with his food then add the supplement, this will help the Dinovite stick to the food. Kind of like shake and bake breading. For some reason most dogs love this combination.

Here is another easy method to get finicky dogs to eat the Dinovite. Scramble up a raw egg yolk in a bowl and mix a couple tablespoons of Dinovite with the yolk. Feed the raw egg yolk and Dinovite "goop" to your dog. You can also mix the dinovite in with your own special mixture, some customers have used buttermilk, a melted peanut butter sauce, yogurt, cottage cheese, you know your dog best. As always, if you have any questions about mixing certain foods check with your veterinarian first.

For SUPER finicky dogs: Try starting off with just a pinch of Dinovite in something your dog loves. Maybe table scraps, peanut butter, yogurt something he loves. Then slowly increase it to the correct amount, one pinch at a time. Most all finicky dogs will take to Dinovite in this manner.

If all else fails mix the Dinovite with some raw hamburger, making a meatball and give it to your dog. The raw meat is good for your dog and they love it.

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